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Here you can find the most frequently asked questions and their answers. For any other information  contact us .

What is is an online wine shop where you can buy the wines of The Vinum farm On The Vinum ™ you can find a very large catalog and many special promotions, you can choose from dozens of labels and receive the products comfortably at home. The Vinum ™ is your personal Sommelier, available 24 hours a day: the search engine allows you to select the products through  many features that simplify and help even the less experienced in choosing.

Why Choose The Vinum ™?

Because with The Vinum ™ you will be able to choose wines directly from the producer like a real expert and at the same time you will be able to discover new products. Because The Vinum ™ is very attentive to the satisfaction of its Customers: the products are carefully stored in our warehouses at a controlled temperature, the shipments are made in boxes specially developed to avoid physical shocks and thermal shocks and the transit times of the goods are reduced to a few hours, to preserve the organoleptic characteristics. Our Sommeliers are at your disposal for suggestions and assistance, you can contact them from the page  contacts . Buying is convenient, fast, simple and safe!

How can I buy a product?

All products offered on The Vinum ™ can be purchased directly online. Simply select the desired product (s) and follow the purchase procedure, which will accompany you until the completion of your order, in a few clicks and comfortably from your desktop or mobile device.

Are my bottles safe during transport?

Certainly yes, in The Vinum ™ we are very careful so that the product arrives at its destination in perfect condition: shipments are made by express courier (SDA or TNT) and our packaging consists of a double cardboard box developed to preserve the products from shock. physical and thermal changes. The transit times of the goods are reduced to a minimum. All the products, of which we guarantee the originality, come directly from our farm and are stored in the warehouses of The Vinum ™ at a controlled temperature.

Is it possible to order a product by telephone?

Yes, you can contact one of our The Vinum ™ operators who are available to help you at all stages of the purchase or directly place an order on your behalf. To contact us  click here .

Which payment methods are accepted?

It is possible to pay with credit cards and prepaid cards of the Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Postepay, American Express, Discover (Diners Club International and Pulse) circuits, with a PayPal account, with Apple Pay and bank transfer. The Vinum ™ may, in some or all cases and at its sole discretion, offer the alternative payment method by cash on delivery (in cash upon delivery of the goods). In the case of bank transfer, at the time of order confirmation, the bank details (IBAN), the amount of the transfer and the order number will be indicated. Payment by bank transfer must be made within the terms possibly indicated and in any case no later than 2 days from the order confirmation.

Is it safe to pay by credit card?

Paying by credit card on The Vinum ™ is safe and certified, because confidential data is not processed by our servers or by our staff but only by the banking system and is not stored in any database, neither ours nor the bank. The transaction takes place via a secure and encrypted connection.

Do the prices shown on your site include VAT?

Yes, all prices are indicated with VAT included.

How much are the shipping costs?

Generally, the shipping costs are free. However, the shipping costs can be fixed or variable, calculated based on the weight of the goods, the number of items selected and / or the destination address or be free in the case of specific promotions. In any case, you will always be informed of the amount of shipping costs before concluding the purchase procedure and making the payment.

Are my personal data safe?

The Vinum ™ is attentive to privacy and data security and adopts an SSL certificate with the highest degree of protection available today for web browsing and extended to all pages of the site (Certificate 128/256-bit Extended Validation SSL issued by Wix): in this way your personal data is always encrypted. It is possible to check the authenticity of The Vinum ™ protection certificate and its ownership by clicking in the appropriate protection section of the browser in use, generally next to the address bar, on the page title or on the status bar.
Furthermore, payment information such as credit card data does not transit and is not processed / stored by The Vinum ™ because it is processed directly by the payment circuit. The Vinum ™ uses professional payment services that ensure the consumer maximum confidentiality and protection.

I placed an order but I made a mistake in indicating the delivery address. How can I do?

If the order has not yet been shipped, it is possible to request its correction or cancellation by sending an email or by contacting us via chat or telephone.

Can I cancel an order placed?

It is possible to request cancellation of the order if it has not yet been processed:  contact us . In case of cancellation, the full amount of the order will be refunded.

Can I avail myself of the Right of Withdrawal?

It is possible to exercise the right of withdrawal and be reimbursed in accordance with the law:  Click here for details  or

Since I am not usually at home during office hours, can I have the purchased product delivered to my workplace?

Yes, it is possible to indicate a shipping address different from the payment / billing address at the time of purchase.

Is it possible to buy different products with a single transaction?

Of course, it is possible to add as many products to the cart as you wish and to proceed with the purchase in a single solution.

What is the CVV code of the credit card?

The CVV code is a 3-digit number printed on the back of your credit card and is required to confirm ownership of the card.

Once I have made a purchase, how can I verify that the transaction has been successful?

You will receive a confirmation email indicating that your order has been correctly registered.

How long does the delivery take?

The Vinum ™, on average, manages to deliver the purchased products within 48 working hours from receipt of the order. The indicative times for the delivery of each product, as well as those of an entire order, are indicated on the product sheet and in the cart summary. Orders are shipped by SDA or TNT express courier.  

Is it possible to check the status of the shipment?

When the courier takes charge of the shipment, you will receive an email with the tracking information.

What should I do if the product I have purchased does not arrive?

You can check the shipment status in the order details by logging into your The Vinum ™ account. In case you need assistance, you can contact us directly via email or chat or by phone.

What happens if an ordered product is no longer available?

In the unlikely event that an ordered product is no longer available, we will refund your order as soon as possible.

I have received a damaged bottle, how can I return it and be refunded?

If you receive one or more damaged bottles at your address, please contact Customer Service immediately via email or chat or by phone. You may be asked to send us the bottle to be returned and to send us some photos by email with the description of the damage (photo of the damaged product, complete photo of the shipping box, legible photo of the shipping label on the damaged box, photo of the receipt of courier delivery) to allow us to verify the problem and intervene accordingly. During delivery, if obvious damage to the packaging and contents are detected, it is necessary to sign the copy of the delivery receipt that the courier keeps indicating I ACCEPT WITH RESERVE and specifying the problem encountered eg. wet package, broken package, refurbished package etc.).

The wine tastes like cork, what can I do?

The scent of cork is transmitted to the wine by the cork, when the cork is attacked by a harmless mold of the cork oak. It can sometimes overwhelm the organoleptic properties of wine; not infrequently, it can be confused with the characteristics of some wines, such as accentuated woody or toasted aromas. If you find the hint of cork in one or more wines, you can  contact us . Subsequently, it will be necessary to send the bottles deemed non-compliant through the return procedure to The Vinum ™ headquarters; the product or products must be returned with at least 2/3 of the content and with the original cap; the bottle or bottles must be shipped in The Vinum ™ packaging to preserve its integrity. Upon receipt of the bottles, The Vinum ™ sommelier will proceed to verify the reported defect and, if confirmed, The Vinum ™ will refund the related bottles.

Can I receive the invoice for the purchased product?

Yes, at the time of purchase you can select whether to receive a receipt or an invoice. In any case, you will receive the chosen document via email after payment together with the order confirmation. In case of non-receipt you can request it  by contacting Customer Service . For orders with a total amount exceeding € 3,599.99, an invoice will be required. For this reason, you will be asked to enter the tax code or the VAT number.

I saw a promotion, it is currently over. Is it still possible to subscribe to the offer?

Some products may be offered at a promotional price for a limited amount of time or quantity. At the end of the promotion, the product will be available at the displayed price. Some promotions may also be offered later, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter in order not to miss any discounts:  click here to subscribe .

Any other questions, how can I contact customer support?

The assistance service is provided free of charge by email or by telephone to the contacts indicated here . On the site there is also a real-time assistance chat that can have a variable coverage based on the availability of the assistance staff.

​ Perché scegliere The Vinum™?
Come posso acquistare un prodotto?
Le mie bottiglie sono al sicuro durante il trasporto?
È possibile ordinare un prodotto telefonicamente?
Quali sono le modalità di pagamento accettate?
È sicuro pagare con carta di credito?
I prezzi indicati nel vostro sito sono comprensivi di IVA?
A quanto ammontano le spese di spedizione?
I miei dati personali sono al sicuro?
Ho fatto un ordine ma ho sbagliato ad indicare l'indirizzo di consegna. Come posso fare?
Posso annullare un ordine effettuato?
Posso avvalermi del Diritto di Recesso?
​ Non essendo di solito a casa in orario d'ufficio, posso far recapitare il prodotto acquistato sul posto di lavoro?
È possibile acquistare prodotti diversi con un'unica transazione?
Che cos'è il codice CVV della carta di credito?
Una volta effettuato un acquisto, come posso verificare che l'operazione sia andata a buon fine?
In quanto tempo avviene la consegna?
È possibile controllare lo stato della spedizione?
Cosa devo fare se il prodotto che ho acquistato non arriva?
Cosa succede se un prodotto ordinato non è più disponibile?
​ Ho ricevuto una bottiglia danneggiata, come posso restituirla ed essere rimborsato?
Il vino sa di tappo, cosa posso fare?
Posso ricevere la fattura relativa al prodotto acquistato?
Ho visto una promozione, attualmente risulta terminata. È possibile aderire comunque all'offerta?
Altre domande, come posso contattare l'assistenza clienti?
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